A future large SUV electric Lincoln, on the basis Rivian


In April 2019, Ford invested some $ 500 million to the capital of Rivian. The first model derived from this investment would be a great SUV electric bearing the mark Lincoln. Arrival 2022

  • The output of the Rivian R1S scheduled for the end of 2020
  • SUV Lincoln in 2022, before the arrival of Cadillac in 2023

The presentation of the two models of Rivian, pick-up R1T and SUV R1S, at the end of 2018, has attracted the interest of major manufacturers. In April, after rumours of investment from GM, it is ultimately Ford, who entered the capital of the start-up. In the company of Amazon.

Rivian R1S

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This investment will enable Ford to leverage the platform of Rivian. And this is likely to be Lincoln who will benefit first. The project coded U787 in-house should see the light of day in production by 2022. It is yet unclear whether it will be produced in a Ford factory or at Rivian. The facility in Normal, Illinois, was acquired in a Mitsubishi.

For its part, GM plans to launch him as the big SUV electric. They will follow the pick-up expected in 2021, and a model Cadillac is expected in 2023.

Our opinion, by leblogauto.com

Ford has not invested 500 million just for the fun of it. It is also a way to recover the technology of Rivian and accelerate the launch of electric models for which it does not have any platform to suit in-house. Lincoln is said to enjoy, and such a model could greatly help in its reconstruction.



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