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Alfa Romeo 2020, the beginning of the third decade of the century will be crucial for Alfa. On the market have remained the Stelvio, Giulia and Giulietta , and in spite of the latest news (Sport-Tech and My 2019) the flat crying.

Next year will be crucial to attempt the last revival, before the expiry of the five-year plan, which will be completed in 2022.

Alfa Romeo Tonal, rendering MaseraTonal is anticipated for the end of 2020, most probably beginning in 2021. The SUV, the compact Alfa Romeo, which will also be in the plug-in version. The model crucial for the market, and even the prestige, but not enough. Tonal, perfect of design concept, will be normalized to the standard model. But it will not change much.

Giulia and Stelvio PHEV

A few months will also be followed by Giulia and Stelvio in version plug-in hybrid (gasoline). With the turbo petrol linked to electric motor and to the battery. With autonomy to electrons of about 50 km. And with the power of the system above the 330 horses.

Alfa Romeo Tonal – interior – rendering of MaseraThe Geneva motor show, in spring 2020, or the Salon of Paris, in the autumn of the same year, may be the watershed. For the presentation of the model series Tonal, Giulia and Stelvio Phev. For the last two would have already been scheduled for the production in Cassino.

Alfa Romeo GTV – Coupe – rendering of Masera

Alfa Romeo 2020, a sports car and the SUV?

And also other models, such as the large SUV Segment, And the notorious Brenner pass?) or a sport, GTV or Giulia Sprint. The markets are languishing, and time is running out. We would like for the “W Alfa Romeo” that stood out to 1000 Miles continued to inflame the hearts

Alfa Romeo GTV – Coupe – Rendering of Masera

Alfa Romeo Tonal – interior – rendering of Masera

Alfa-Romeo-2020 – Tonal, rendering to Masera

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