Audi Q3 Sportback : the SUV cut have the wind in their sails


While the SUV does not cease to flood again and always the market, all builders are looking today to attract the most refractory. The SUV cut off, the design is more sporty and elegant, are there for them (or you) !

Audi, late on its competitors, and reveals to us so this week the Q3 Sportback. While the cousin to the more conventional style we had rather liked from his presentation, in particular thanks to a design that finally reviewed and bolder, this new version adds a layer.

Even if at blogautomobile we recognize easily (in most cases) prefer more of a nice sedan, a station wagon or of course a sports car, this new niche tends to please us. SUV’s often have the tendency to miss grace with a rash protuberant and often neglected by the designers. Some efforts, such as the Stelvio at Alfa Romeo that to this day, remains one of the most beautiful models on the market, but most lack style. Here, the Q3 Sportback is loose and shows a hint of sportiness. A roof line sloping and hind wings well marked are its only ingredients, but for me, the magic happens. Go, we regret it may be the diffuser plastic too imposing.

I’m not going to spread on the rest of the features of the Q3 Sportback. The cabin will remain strictly identical to the Q3 with a screen 10.1-inch touchscreen on the central console and the possibility to opt for the Virtual Cockpit. Note that the trunk seems to remain the same 530l.


Under the hood, not revolution either. For the launch we will find a petrol engine and two diesel engines. The 2.0-45 TFSI with 230 hp and two 2.0 35/40 TDI of 150 hp and 190 hp. Current 2020, it will be possible to choose the 1.5 35 TFSI MHEV 150 hp, equipped with a micro-hybrid system (48V) that begins to spread. The S tronic 7-speed, and the Quattro system will obviously be of the party according to the configurations.

The Audi Q3 Sportback will be on our roads by the end of the year 2019, with prices in French today unknown but we imagine higher of about 2 to 3000 €. Either a rate of 43 500 € – finish mid-range Design.

In the meantime, find our test in Morocco for the Q3 35 TDI and the 45 TFSI right here.



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