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The Automotoclub Storico Italiano will participate from 22 to 24 November, the ninth edition of Milan AutoClassica, with a full program of events and initiatives.

The stand of the’ASI will be inside the pavilion 18 and the exposure will be mainly dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Zagato, the milan-based firm is famous all over the world for its design is functional, sophisticated and innovative.

Among the cars on display there will be the iconic Alfa Romeo 6C 1500 GS “Testafissa” of 1933, with the colors of the Scuderia Ferrari, won the class victory at the Mille Miglia of 1934, with the steering wheel in the “Moroccan”, the century, Anna Maria Peduzzi, passionate, and reckless future practise of the time.

Alfa Romeo 6C 1500 GS “Testafissa” of 1933

In a perfect parallel between the past and the present of the extraordinary combination of Zagato-Alfa Romeo, will be on display the TZ3 Stradale, one of nine built by the atelier in milan in 2011 as the evolution of the historical TZ1 and TZ2 of the ’60s. In addition, the trademark Zagato will be celebrated in a series of conferences, which will be held on Sunday morning, November 24, with the intervention of Andrea Zagato and Paul Of Taranto (“Zagato, a century of design and innovation”), with John Groppi and the Maximum Large of the Culture Commission of the ASI (“THE distinctive features of Zagato”), and with Guido Portinari, chairman of the Zagato Car Club (“A passion that unites”).

Saturday, November 23, 9: 30 a.m., will be held the final of the Trophies of the ASI with the evidence of chronometric precision set up in the external area; at the same time, at the stand of the ASI, will be held the awards ceremony of the awards “Crank Gold”, “Crank Gold”, “Crank ” ad Honorem” and commendations for the events of the Club are particularly significant.

The afternoon program will continue with the presentation of the “Marco Polo Silk Road Classic Raid 2020”, an event organized by ASI and FCCC (Federation of Classic Car China) to celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations between Italy and China with a cultural journey, from Venice to Xi’an.

Subsequently, the president ofASI Alberto Dark will meet fans in the public debate “Motor town: the set to protect it”: a comparison of direct and clear information about the current issues: certifications, circulation, protection tax. Finally, will conclude the day with the presentation of the Racing Team ASI-Laverda, ofASI MotoShow, and other events ASI planned for 2020.

The young and the motor sports historic

Another important theme that ASI will bring to Milan AutoClassica will be that of the young and their education in order to seize the many career opportunities in the field of motor sport history. Will be presented to the course “Technical repairer of motor vehicles: car and motorcycle”, established by the CAPAC Polytechnic of Commerce and Tourism of Milan with the support of ASI and the Italian Registry Porsche 356: during the entire weekend of the fair, the young students will be grappling with dismantling the “live” engine, while on Sunday 24 November will be attended by the representatives of CAPAC, the Region of Lombardy, Municipality of Milan, Confcommercio Milan, Lodi, Monza and Brianza and the Italian Registry Porsche 356.

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