Bentley: a discoverable sole in preparation


The market for exclusive models, may soon count a player more in the name of Bentley.


Every manufacturer of sports cars or luxury tends to develop an offer of exclusive models products series particularly limited. He, in turn, Bentley is going to give in to such a trend.

According to Autocar, Bentley is preparing a discoverable kind of dish or speedster, showing the stylistic codes of the concept EXP 100 GT unveiled there a little (see photo). This exclusive model would be introduced in 2021 and marketed at the rate of 1.5 million pounds, the equivalent of 1.16 million euro. The design and production of the model would be guaranteed by the division Mulliner, of the manufacturer.

A W12 of course

So, in spite of his body rather radical, the beautiful part to a philosophy of type GT, this exclusive model should have the W12 of the mark, without resorting to hybridization. In terms of power, we can expect a minimum of 630 hp.

In order to sell copies, Bentley would discuss in particular with the purchasers of the 12 new copies of the “Blower” , suggesting that the production should be extremely limited.

Our opinion, by

The exclusive designs, which are multiplying like hotcakes, we may wonder about the relevance of each of the proposals. to judge of the Bentley, it will still have to wait a bit.

Photo : Bentley



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