F1 : Honda extends with Red Bull until 2021


Honda was dancing the waltz-hesitation with his commitment in Formula 1. In spite of the victories of this season, the engine manufacturer nippon is was palpating over to (re)slam the door. He will be there at least another 2 seasons.

To say that it is quite a relief for Red Bul (and Toro Rosso) must be an understatement. In fact, after being anointed the feet on Renault, Red Bull was able to convince Honda to motorize it. This makes the stable independent of an engineer-constructor and allows it to undertake a battle to the fair for the titles. With a departure of Honda, Red Bull was stable client.

For Honda, there were two questions asked : the investment is worth the shot ? And what of the regulations of Formula 1 in 2021 ? This regulation 2021, confirmed at the end of October, Honda seemed to be reassured, on this point, at least.

An image much improved compared to the era McLaren

For the value of the investment, the image of Honda engines has improved considerably this season 2019 of F1. Far from the industrial disaster with McLaren, the partnership with Toro Rosso and Red Bull has given place, in 2019, to 3 victories of Verstappen (Red Bull Racing) and 7 podiums (including two for Toro Rosso, future Alpha Tauri).

It must be said that Honda has agreed to put a lot of money on the table to develop its power unit. Now, the power seems to be enough to allow the Red Bull (still regarded as the best chassis on the tray in front of Mercedes) to take it to the regular one.

An extension of a season, this is not a long-term commitment. But, it is already that the Red Bull which only has to be convincing in playing the title next year and who knows in 2021 also. On the other hand, Helmut Marko and Christian Horner are “all honey” in this moment, but in 2018, they did not hesitate to spit on Renault that had enabled the signing of 4 wins and 9 podiums. If 2020 is not in line with the expectations of Red Bull, the tone could quickly change. Honda is prevented.

Our opinion, by Leblogauto.com

This announcement is good news for the F1. In fact, having 4 engine with a different way to bring in the diversity that is missing the side engine with the standardization of the V6 engine 1600 cm3 turbo hybrid. Especially that now, the significant advantage Mercedes since the beginning of the era hybrid in 2014 seems to be reduced to nil.

The extension of Honda will he convince the leadership of Renault to continue the adventure ? On this side, it seems that this will be the results of 2020, which will be paramount.

On the other hand, Honda proves once again that money is the sinews of war. To catch up, the engine manufacturer, nippon has had to put a lot more money than expected. The decline in budgets is not for tomorrow in F1. A shame, because some motorists are tempted by the adventure Formula 1 have decided to throw in the towel and fall back on the WEC or other series that require less finance.

Illustration : Toro Rosso



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