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The Mise, the Italian ministry of economic Development, has allocated 27 million euro for the development and production of motor vehicles, hybrid and electric in the factories in Melfi, Italy and Mirafiori.

It includes the decree that authorizes the Development agreement between Put, Regions of Basilicata and Piedmont, italy, Invitalia and Fca, signed by the minister Stephen Patuanelli. Investments amounted to 136,6 million by 2022.

The Jeep Renegade and the Compass Plug-in to Melfi

The agreement will allow the gradual reintegration of workers made redundant (3.458) and 100 assumptions in Melfi. The 27 million euros he has are tax breaks for the purchase of machinery and equipment consistent with the Plan Enterprise 4.0.

Compass plug-in hybrid in Melfi

Investments of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Fca and Fiat Research Centre will invest 98.7 million for the expansion of the production capacity of the plant in Melfi, through the mass production of the Jeep Compass hybrid version. In a letter sent to employees, in the meantime, you can read that: “Fca and Groupe Psa are working on a formal document with which the two companies make known their will to achieve a fusion to 50%. That will lead to the creation of the fourth automotive group with approximately 8.7 million vehicles sold per year“.

The trade unions of the european Committee of Psa, meanwhile, 15 acronyms, 17, say yes to the merger. In the meantime, the Fca going to have good news from the Us.

The cause of GM

It is difficult that General Motors can get a refund damages in the lawsuit filed. So writes the Wall Street Journal, stating that in order to win the Gm will need to demonstrate the effect of the alleged fraud on the american automotive. The question is still dance.

Last edit: November 27, 2019



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