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Special couple, here is the Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo after the 488 GT3 EVO. The second Red race, in this case dedicated to the single-brand championship, was presented also at the Finali Mondiali Ferrari at the Mugello circuit.

The new version, which the kit is to be used by all of the 488 Challenge already used by our customers, strives to offer a better performance. And a pleasure to guide higher. A 488 Challenge more efficient on the track, but more satisfying for the customers-drivers of the car of the Cavallino.

The entire car has been optimized. 488 Challenge Evo achieves these objectives maximizes the synergy between aerodynamics and dynamics, the interaction between the tires, balancing the downforce and electronic controls.

Higher performance is enabled by the increase of the vertical load, aerodynamic, and from the new development of the Pirelli tyres. The driving pleasure was migliorat through sessions in the driving simulator GT. The front has been optimized to 30%.

Has been optimized the balancing aerodynamic between the axes, which has been moved forward in order to promote the readiness of insertion and the reduction of the understeer out of the corners. This is thanks to the “dialogue” with the control systems of E-Diff3 and F1-TCS based on the Side Slip Control (SSC), which offer new calibrations. 488 Challenge Evo enter more precise in curve and comes out with a better traction.

New shoes by Pirelli

There is a back-room that begins with what happens behind in the race. The legacy of the series very special FXX, along with the new steering wheel. Also new are the tires Pirelli (measures 275/675-19 front and 315/705-19 behind), which ensure higher performance and durability.

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Last edit: October 28, 2019



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