Ford Mustang Mach-E : an air of family


Times are changing… In the 60’s, the arrival of the Ford Mustang marked the spirits. So just think of this : a cut with modern, well-powered, at an affordable price. All that he needed to meet the generation born in the baby boom after the war, as it has been combined with a relentless marketing machine that has allowed Ford to sell millions. The recipe has worked for some years before that the Mustang is not dark in the decadence. Heavier, less powerful, less beautiful, it is returned to its fundamentals than in 2005. Finally. But today, it is another thing that Ford offers with the Mustang Mach-E.

Because this model is intended to be as revolutionary as the Mustang being the first electric car from Ford, designed as such, and which will not be derived heat. So, yes, it is a SUV, the silhouette the least revolutionary of the time. To the point that getting out of a sedan today is a miracle. But Ford claims top-tier performance and a state of mind that calls for a return to the sources

The Mustang Mach-E incorporates many of the gimmicks of the style of a coupe : the rear lights strips, wings, muscular, a long, ribbed hood and a grille that could be aggressive, if it was not obscured by an item in full, hit the mustang. Visually, it is rather successful, and the Mach-E is clearly in the trend of the ” SUV coupes “. The whole is cheerful, dynamic and should notice without penalty in the circulation. We can, however, blame him for the inevitable sides are very high and a certain heaviness of the door tailgate, which is the lot of all the SUV. The dimensions of the Mustang Mach-E are rather measured for an american vehicle : 4,71 m long, 1,88 metres wide and 1.60 m high. The weight can reach up to two tons, no miracle to be expected from this side, and you can ask questions about the dynamic nature of the whole.

In the cabin, it is the big broom and you will be able to without difficulty recognize the inspiration. Let’s be clear : it looks like most of Tesla. The instrumentation is limited to a small LCD screen horizontal behind the wheel, and the screen multimedia center takes the form of a very large slab in portrait format. Any resemblance is not necessarily coincidental, of course, but it has the advantage of clearing a huge space to live.

Speaking of space, precisely, the front cover does not hide, obviously not a good big V8 289 ci engine, but a box of 100 liters, washable jet, with drain plug. The rear tailgate has a space of 402 litres, rather low for a family. 500 liters of trunk in total, it is woefully inadequate. Little gadget : the doors may be unlock with your phone.

More exciting are the engines, and it gets a little complex :

  • 258 hp / battery 74 kWh / propulsion / autonomy of 450 km WLTP
  • 285 hp / battery 99 kWh / propulsion / autonomy of 600 km, WLTP
  • 258 hp / battery 74 kWh / awd / autonomy of 420 km WLTP
  • 377 hp / battery 99 kWh / awd / battery life 540-km WLTP
  • 465 hp for the GT version, the characteristics of which are not all known

All the versions are clamped to 180 km/h, the 0 to 100 km/h is announced “the worst” in 8 seconds, the GT performing the exercise in 5.2 seconds. We are still very far from the capabilities of a Tesla Model X, but the price is not comparable either : from 48 990 € in the basic version, it reached 69 500 € First Edition 4WD. As to the GT version, wait for more than 80 000 € approximately. The Mustang Mach-E will be available in Europe by the fall of 2020.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E combines all that is the current trend : SUV, Coupe, Electric, pace, dynamics, techno-board important. In all likelihood, it should be a commercial success with a fare rather well studied. Remains his surname, which could be bitching. A Mustang 4-door electric, it will be definitely “no” to the bagnolards pure and hard, and this opinion is respected. For others, it will be on the contrary an argument of the sale of concrete and the approach of Ford here is similar to what Porsche has achieved with the Cayenne or Macan, or Lamborghini with the Urus, with the success that we know. This will be the customer to decide whether Ford was right.

Photo credits : Ford



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