Frankfurt 2019 : VW ID.3, it is it revolution ?


We are promised almost the electric revolution. Volkswagen presents the ID.3 in the framework of the IAA 2019 Frankfurt.

“This vehicle is the symbol of a new era for the brand. ID.3 extends the offering of Volkswagen as the first model of a new generation of pure electric vehicles “.

That is, once this is said, what have we here ? A compact vehicle (a little less than 4.30 m long) minivan to the aesthetic rather passe-partout. The front is marked by the lighting signature that surrounds the lights and connects via the new VW logo. The bottom of the shield displays a wide air inlet surmounted by a myriad of (fake) holes. The upper part of the cover is treated in a black lacquer finish which has the effect of shortening visually this before.

The back also uses this trick stylistic to avoid the side massive the entire rear section. The lights more closely on the latest production VW extend through the tailgate a little as at Renault. The amount back is decorated with the pattern hole, also in order to ease the visual. A huge béquet contributes to the improvement of the aerodynamics of the ” big ” vehicle (Cx-0,267).

The interior is rather bare with all the information and controls are grouped on the central screen (10 inches), which sits at the top of the dashboard, the display of instruments behind the steering wheel and various buttons on the steering wheel. We must not forget the voice commands.

Technically, the VW ID.3 benefits of its new, modular platform electric SEM minimizing the overhang and increasing the wheelbase. ID.3 is available in 3 battery capacities. 45, 58 and 77 kWh for respectively 330 km (WLTP), with 420 km and 550 km. Note that with this battery and under 100 kW of load power, the ID.3 can recover approximately 290 km in 30 minutes. Side mass, the ID.3 starts at about 1 700 kg for the battery pack of 45 kWh.

A single version at launch

For the launch, the ID.3 is called the ” ID.3 1st “. The vehicle has the battery 58 kWh associated with an engine of 150 kW (204 hp) located in the rear axle. The torque is 310 Nm and the maximum speed is 160 km/h. The price ” is below 40 000 € “ officially. The revolution will come, perhaps, if VW keeps the price of 30 000 € (in Germany) for the entry-level version with 45 kWh. For the moment, it is a promise…

This 1st edition is the vehicle that those who have pre-booked their VW ID.3 will be able to configure. The configuration is minimal with 3 trim levels (a priori, without an option) and several exterior colors (phew). VW copy Tesla on this point, pre-booking, vehicle down-range is not available, limited options for the launch.

The basic version does not offer that digital radio is terrestrial, the heating seats and steering wheel, a charging cable and wheels 18 inches. The finish ” ID.3 1st Addition ” adds the rearview camera, the adaptive, access and start hands-free. The seats are different, and 2 USB ports-C make their appearance. The lights go to the full-LED also, and the wheels at 19 inches.

ID.3 1st Max additionally offers the head-up display-high in augmented reality, a sound system, the Beats, a sunroof and rims 20-inch. Side electronic, VW adds the maintenance in the way comfort seats and the phone load by induction.

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The notice

Aesthetically, we knew that it was not going to be a revolution. But not technically over, finally, to share the platform MEB ” up to date “. The consumption WLTP looks quite reasonable, but side equipment, VW is in the chick for the first level of finish.

40 000 euros (” below “) not to be neither a reversing camera or adaptive it is chiche. The interior is also less “techno” than a Tesla Model 3 for example. You will be able to compare with the Nissan Leaf, which starts at 35 € 400 and 40 kWh in finishing First with reversing camera and intelligent regulator.

Remains to be seen in the concrete that gives this VW ID.3. If the miles WLTP don’t melt too much in real life and especially if VW will follow the production rate. Volkswagen has preferred to get the ID.3 in Frankfurt rather than the queen’s Golf mk8. But is it that the first deliveries will quickly follow ?



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