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ACI, the Automobile Club of Italy is part of the project of digital citizenshipI”, l’App of public services, developed by the Government, through the Team for the Digital Transformation of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, of which the first phase of testing has involved the cities of Milan, Turin and Ripalta Cremasca (CR).

Thanks to theintegration with the platforms pagoPA, ANPR and SPID, the App “I” puts in the condition of all the public entities that provide digital services to interact with citizens in a simple and fast way, for information, deadlines, and payments.

ACI participates in the App “I” with a message of welcome, which outlines the tax position of the vehicles in the name of (who is not the owner of the vehicles, describes the services offered by the ACI), a notice of the expiry of the car tax (sent 15 days before expiration), a warning stamp has expired (if not paid), with the simultaneous possibility of payment by PagoPA, and the display of the Certificate of ownership of digital to vehicle (CDPD).

The words – declares Vincenzo Thinks, Central Director of Information Systems and Innovation of the ACI

“The Automobile Club of Italy was among the first PA to show a ‘vocation digital’, and is always at the forefront in the development and adoption of those new technologies that can make more easy, more clear, faster and more secure the relationship between citizens and Public Administration”.

“I”, explains the Head of the Information Systems and Innovation (ACI), allows you to “make a system”, i.e. to create value beyond that for the individual and for the community, creating those cultural assumptions are necessary because the concept of digital citizenship will be able to expand quickly and in a widespread manner.

“When this phase of experimentation – continues to Think – the ACI will activate on the App “I” also “please notify us”, an important service which will allow motorists to be alerted via email or SMS every time that is transcribed to the PRA an event related to a vehicle”.

Last edit: October 11, 2019



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