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Lotus Evija is the hypercar English to 2.000 horses. A monster of power, a car unique in the history of the Brand Lotus. The tip of the iceberg of technology.

Will be achieved in only 130 copies, with a price of about euro 2.7 million (2 million pounds sterling, plus tax), delivery by 2020.

A car designed to comply with a’aerodynamic efficiency extraordinary, essential given the power in the dance. Also features active aerodynamics, with a passenger special.

The steering wheel near the driver, digital dashboard far, with indications limited to the necessary. Driving position, almost running, the driving mode are five. From the Range, to optimize battery life, to Track, to run wild in the circuit. Without handles, Lotus Evija opens with the remote control.

And part thanks to the four electric motors of the company Xtrac, which provide a system power of 2,000 horses. The double, in order to give a term of comparison. of Ferrari SF90 Road. With a management of the particular pair, given a force so overwhelming.

The weight of 1.680 kg, the frame is monocoque, like the body, is carbon fiber and weighs 129 kilograms.

Evija, recovery amazing

The hypercar electric offers numbers sensational. Goes from 100 to 200 km/h in less than 3 seconds. And from 200 to 300 km/h in 4 seconds. A resumption exception, the batteries are accredited to ensure autonomy in the cycle WLTP 400 km. With the charging ultra-quick 350 kW serving, according to Lotus, 18 minutes for a full of electrons.

Lotus Evija

Last edit: July 17, 2019



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