McLaren GT : not quite what you were expecting…


If McLaren tries to get out head out of the water in Formula 1, back to its prestigious past, its automotive division is experiencing a strong growth and an ongoing widening of its offer. New example today with the presentation of the McLaren GT as our English friends looked like renewing the rules of grand touring, check this.

Let’s be honest, the car is a McLaren, the family resemblance is obvious. However, while many expected a simple 720 GT (in the line of the 570 GT, version “sage” of the 570 S), McLaren created simply a new range next to the Sports Series (570), Super Series (720) and the Ultimate Series (Senna, Speedtail) : the Grand Tourer.

The line is a subtle mixture of everything that exists in the catalog. The front owes a lot to the Speedtail taking the headlights are very thin, without the air intakes of the 720 for a look much more classic. All that stands between the wheels, remember the 720’s, logically enough, the cell carbon are common. A real and great difference : the GT has large air intakes, completely absent from the sports range. As for the rear, we find again the 720 S but with a more gentle, especially with the spoiler built-in, it returns to the long-Speedtail. The McLaren GT is the greatest car in the range to this day with not far to 4.70 m. Only the Speedtail will be longer when it will enter production.

One passes directly to the interior, we are in a GT, it is an important element. Customers will not be at home here no more. It is simple, uncluttered, simple and of very good taste, dare the word. The interior promises to be very bright thanks to the glass roof and the tailgate that opens directly on to the seats of the 2 happy occupants. The GT was designed for travel, it is a certainty : it allows you to embed a total of 570 litres of luggage including a golf bag or two pairs of ski 1.85 m ! The engine is mounted very low making it possible to identify this space quite mind boggling, supplemented by the 150-litre front compartment most classic. I bet that McLaren will offer a range of luggage that are perfectly suited to this atypical chest. An audio system Bowers & Wilkins to 12 speakers will bring you to St Moritz or St Tropez. Choice. The suspensions have been defined in a more flexible manner, always in the spirit journey. The road feel McLaren should always be there, it is a signature of the brand.

On the mechanical side, you don’t change a winning team. The V8 4-litre was re-elected to a version 620 horsepower and 630Nm of torque at 5500tr/min. This is less than others but it’s still more than enough to lose very quickly all of its points allowed. And what’s more, the GT demolishes its key asset : a weight of 1530 kg, the full facts when many of its competitors are flirting happily with the 2 tons. This leads to the performance of a supercar : 0 to 200km/h in 9 seconds, 326 km/h in a point.

In conclusion, sweep away the proposed existing that the McLaren GT has just tickle : Ferrari GTC4Lusso, Bentley Continental GT, Aston Martin DB11, Porsche 911 Turbo, the beautiful world, well-established, each with its own personality and its positioning. It would seem that McLaren has tried to create a synthesis of all this, between travel and sporty 2-seater only but remind us the size of the seats at the back of the DB11 tested recently…

The customers will tell us if the young british brand, has been right to choose this path, they can place an order today for 163.000£ or about 187.000€.

Photo credit : McLaren



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