New record for the Bugatti Chiron


While a rally celebrating the 110 years of the manufacturer comes to leave Milan in the direction of Paris and Molsheim, Bugatti has announced having won a record. And who says Bugatti, said speed record.

Without the suspense, it is with Chiron, somewhat modified, that the pilot house Andy Wallace has exceeded the mark of 300 miles per hour. A first for a car of “series”. In fact, on the test track Ehra-Lessien in Germany, the car has reached the 304,773 mph is a hugely impressive top speed of 490,484 km/h. The previous record had been set up by Koenigsegg to 457,94 km/h, while the Chiron that we meet sometimes on our roads with little wander up to 431 km/h.

Compared to the Chiron as we know, this Chiron Super Sport Prototype differs in many points. First of all, aerodynamics has been heavily reworked with a more imposing (and fierce) air intakes at the front, new side strakes, exhaust vertical (already seen on the recent Centodieci), but especially a rear totally revised how Longtail. Small personal opinion of the passage, to me it is to this copy that would have had to look like the hypercar to its presentation in 2016.

In addition to losing a bit of weight by removing the passenger seat, the safety of the driver has been redesigned. A headband has been added as well as a belt 6 points. But the tires, which are very important for this type of record, have also received particular attention. Designed by Michelin, the new Pilot Sport Cup 2 have been severely tested in the United States to be even able to reach the 511 km/h.

Stephan Winkelmann, the President of Bugatti, is, however, remained quiet about what has been changed under the hood, we speak of a W16 boosted to 1600 horses, or if a client version will be offered for sale soon. One thing is for sure, with his team, they are incredibly proud (to have) been proven repeatedly that Bugatti built the fastest cars in the world . The goal of being the first manufacturer has proposed such a record is reached and priority is now placed on other areas in the future.

Credits : Bugatti



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