New Renault Zoe : always further !


Renault may talk about a “third generation”, one might rather take the new Zoe as a beautiful (and necessary) evolution. We did the tour with you.

150 000 registrations, 18.2 % of the market share of EVS in Europe (and even 54.9 % in France !) : it is no longer necessary to present the Zoe, the little electric Renault. To revive themselves in the face, in particular, the arrival of the VE PSA at the end of the year, the brand decided to pass by a beautiful update…which is not necessarily seen at first glance. Because it is necessary to admit : this “new” Zoe looks like all the same a lot of the current. The work was more focused on the optics front and rear, switching to the Full LED from the first trim level, as well as the shield visually wider and more aggressive. The cover, itself, is a chouille more ribbed. The wheels moved 5 nuts and rear brakes to the brake disc, thus requiring brand new sets of wheels ranging from 15 to 17 inches. The color picker, it takes the color and adds three new hues : Blue, Celadon (already seen on the new Clio, the famous Red Flame and the White Quatrz. Last detail : the logos go on the chrome blue to display a blue border encircling them.

No, it is clearly in the interior that the changes are most visible. The dashboard of this new Zoe is a new one with, as a culmination, a big-screen portrait of 9.3″. Nice siding of tissue make their appearance while the handset of the driver switches to 10″, a unique equipment in the segment Renault. A pity that the brand has not taken the opportunity to offer a better driving position with a seat on high and a steering wheel…strong low. In all cases, finish and perceived quality is advertised as being a real leap compared to the previous generation, which is clearly not a luxury. Some details are even worked, with for example ceiling lights LED or a gear selector to the “shift by wire“.

Big changes under the hood also. With two nice new features : a new battery and a new engine. Battery side, it goes from 41 to 52 kWh, ensuring that after the (realistic) standard WLTP a range of 390 km. Note that this improvement of the battery does not encroach on the space aboard, it is always good to clarify. To recharge the battery, two good news : the Chameleon charger is still present and can still support up to 22 kW at AC -according to my memories the best performance, regardless of the category – and we note with joy the arrival of a Combo jack, opening at the Zoe access, for example, the european network Ionity. Only surprise : the load power is limited to 50 kW, which I find a fair bit. Having brought it to 80 kW would have been able to shorten a little the time of loading (150 km in 30 minutes Combo, full full 9h25 on a terminal 7 kW)…

And the engine is also new. Supporting the proven R110 (which you can find the essay by Thomas right here), we note the arrival of the R135 -135 for its number of horses, you’ll understand. In terms of perfs, the increase in torque of 20 Nm (to get to 245 Nm) allows to pass from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 10 seconds and ensure an acceleration from 80 to 120 km/h in 7.1 seconds (down 2.2 sec). Small time crowed : the R110 as the R135 is designed, developed and manufactured by Renault.

Last area of improvements : the driving aids. The Zoe is not based on the new platform CMF-B equipping it with the latest Clio, she can’t afford all the latest gadgets at the mode…but still stays within the shot. Arrive, jumble : the automatic switching of road lights, the recognition of signs with warning in case of overflow, a still very useful blind spot assist, support, maintenance way, an automatic emergency braking and park assist. The kit necessary, therefore, for any good city of 2019.

This Zoe refreshed will arrive in dealerships in the fall, tamping, therefore, of little the token in the DS 3 Crossback E-Tense, the first small PSA electrical. The rates are not yet known but are expected to arrive in the coming weeks. We will keep you informed !

Via Renault.



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