Porsche: a project of hypercar engine in F1 ?


Porsche will make its return in the segment of hypercars ? Certainly. Remains to know how.


While one awaits with impatience the arrival of the Mercedes-AMG One, and the Aston Martin Valkyrie, Porsche would be in the process of studying its future hypercar. A priori, the future of the hypercar of the German mark was to be driven by a fully electric engine, but an echo of the new commitment of the brand in Formula-E. Only, the technology would not have progressed as quickly as planned and the engineers of the brand would evaluate another scenario.

A engine unexpected

According to Autocar, Porsche could once again offer a hypercar hybrid peeping from the side of the Mercedes-AMG One since the car would also be driven by an engine evolved from the technology of Formula 1. How is this done ? Simply using the same engine that had been evaluated by Porsche for a possible return in Formula 1. The constructor, however, had mothballed the project and preferred to commit to Formula E.

The project has not yet received any green light, it could either not be realized before the year 2023. In view of the entry into force of new regulations in the WEC, it would also be possible to consider see Porsche’s return to endurance and to take advantage of a potential merger between the WEC and IMSA.

Our opinion, by leblogauto.com

A hypercar Porsche is bound to be a hypercar like no other. See Porsche challenge One of Mercedes would look great even with a few years lag.

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