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Supercars and super sports cars. In the world of luxury (and around) the crisis of the self is not perceived. On the contrary, the manager of the brand’s most rich extend the range, and push on the pedal of the innovation to increase profits are already huge.

To keep the trademarks active in Italy, Ferrari and Lamborghini traveling with the wind in their sails: the financial statements record and awards the business to the employees. And Maserati, helped by the Great Alliance, Fca, Psa, prepare the rescue with new models and a search technology more and more exasperated.

In this race to the new customer, in this research, a different positioning on the market, each one beats a different route. Ferrari, the queen of the red racing car, and always guarantees the performance of the vertex but aims to refine its range with the Gran Turismo lines seductive.

From California to the Portofino, to reach the beautiful Rome, shown in the preview in the past few days.

The reminder of the Sweet Life, the idea of a custom-built car in gala dress, tells of the vocation of this car a 2-seater and two that seems to override the fashions and eras, with its suggestive design and essential.

In the vows of the manufacturer is a Ferrari for every day use, not to leave the closed in garage. A model that should show proud its pure beauty.

The prancing horse and the Trident, different strategies

Aestheticism and the Ferrari, the “cousin” Maserati opposes a new policy that would produce the car’s more extreme and more suited to a young audience.

The super sports car that will be born in Modena, and the creatures, hybrid and electric vehicles, in the arrival, thanks to the work of theInnovation Lab, are the emblem of the new course, the confirmation that the Trident has decided a turning point.

This is not to deny tradition, but to run towards a new era. With the certainty of being able to master requests. And with the quality Maserati to sew the two periods.

Joseph Rates

Last edit: November 26, 2019



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