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Sunday 29 September will be the National Day of the Vehicle d’epoca, an important initiative promoted by the ASI-Automotoclub Storico Italiano. Celebrated by hundreds of initiatives all over Italy and theextraordinary opening of more than 100 museums and theme collections.

The technical and cultural wealth of motor sport historic Italian has no equal in the world, for this must always be protected, promoted and developed. Also, the passion that animates this great movement generates an economic impact that is second only to soccer: the motor town is a real “industry social”, capable of involving the most diverse fields of everyday life of the individual.

Starting with the directly linked industries, represented by the whole supply chain professional that gravitates around the historic vehicles with the workers of the various sectors: restoration, bodywork, mechanical, upholstery, spare parts, and publishing. But there is also a substantial indirect related industries which includes, for example, all the activities related to tourism, hospitality, culture, food and wine. It should then be stressed the essential contribution to solidarity initiatives promoted by the motor sports historic: there are so many activities of clubs and associations of this sector, which have as the objective, fundraising or direct aid to institutions involved in social work.

In this context, the Automotoclub Storico Italiano plays a primary role thanks to its initiatives and presence throughout the national territory with over 300 affiliated clubs and members.

ASI is the reference event for Italian history since 1966, the year of its foundation, and with the establishment of the National Day of the Vehicle of the Era mobility fans all over the Country to create dozens of opportunities for cultural, social, and entertainment targeted primarily to the public and to the younger generations.

This year, the National Day of the Historic Vehicle will take place on Sunday 29 September , with the contribution and enthusiasm of the Club, ASI, throughout Italy, will organize meetings, exhibitions, thematic exhibitions, conferences and everything that will tell the history of motor sport, with the objective to know and understand how much culture and passion alive in the industry. Thousands of enthusiasts and collectors, will be active in working for the occasion, putting at the disposal of the citizenship of their vintage vehicles in a sort of huge “museum”. In addition, the Commission History and Museums of the ASI has made the event contemporary ASI Museums Show that will allow fans to visit the 114 major museums and collections.

Finally, it was established the “Award of ASI for the Motor sport Historic”, which this year, on the occasion of the National Day of the Vehicle of the Era, is awarded to those individuals who have been particularly close to the field.

The Federal Council of ASI has decided to assign this first edition to the President of the Senate of the Italian Republic, Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati, remembering his great sensitivity shown towards the motor town on the occasion of the Conference “The future of Motor sport history, heritage, cultural, tourist and economic preservation and development”, organized by ASI on 20 September 2018 and Palazzo Madama.

The prize will be delivered to the Senator at the opening of the event “Historic Day”, scheduled for Sunday, September 29, in Vicenza, Piazza dei Signori. Are expected more than 400 historic vehicles – on display in the historical centre of the city and subdivided into the various types – that will give life to one of the main events included in the vast program of the National Day of the Vehicle of the Era.

The statements

ALBERTO DARK – President of the Automotoclub Storico Italiano

“The National Day of the Vehicle d’epoca is an opportunity to turn the spotlight on motor sport historic, on the many positive values connected to it and everything that moves around it. We want to show all what is the passion that moves our world, and our Federation. Cannot exist in the future without the memory of the past: the historical vehicles are very important witnesses of our history and can be valued only by having the possibility of them living on our streets and make them enjoyable to all.”

Dark she added.“The motor town is a national heritage, is the “industry social” because it enhances the history of the Country (industrial, social, cultural) and because it creates an economic activity which includes the activities of production (by occupational sector that operates in the field of tourism), and many initiatives of solidarity. After the monuments, the beautiful scenery, food and wine, football and fashion, the motor town is what most stirs the interest of the italians and the foreigners.”

DANILO CASTELLARIN – President of the Commission History and Museums of the ASI

“In Italy there are over two hundred museums dedicated to the motor: it is actually of excellent level, that the ASI has listed, put in the network and connected, so as to provide a complete overview to all the fans and not only. The website and, with the National Day, Vehicle, vintage, 2019, we have given life to the event, ASI Museums Show to give well-deserved visibility to these valuable collections.”

UGO AMODEO – President of the Commission Events Drive ASI

“The events and the events related to the event historic, represent a considerable resource for the Italian tourism, cultural development and social welfare. In the area of tourism, for example, the passion for historic vehicles generates an economic impact of more than € 500 million a year. The estimated research conducted in 2018 by the Piepoli Institute, and we can well say that the ASI, with its more than 300 Clubs all over Italy and thousands of initiatives every year, is without a doubt the main actor on the scene.”

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