The UFC que choisir considers that the 1.2 TCe from Renault turns to oil


A gasoline engine that smokes blue, it is usually a very bad sign. The UFC que choisir denounces the block petrol 1.2 TCe from Renault, like consuming too much oil, leading to breakages.

Oil consumption, which makes task

The 1.2 TCe from Renault will be the new 1.5 dCi for the French group and a plaster difficult to peel off on the reputation of the reliability of the engine blocks ? Also, the UFC-That choose do not go there by four paths and declares bluntly : ” 400 000 cars in danger “.

Specifically, the 1.2 TCe (type H5FT) has been mounted in various vehicles of the brands Renault, Dacia, Nissan, and even Mercedes. According to the association of defence of consumers, ” the over-consumption of oil would be due to a too low pressure in the intake manifold preventing the engine from filling naturally with sufficient air, creating at the same time a major depression in the cylinder. As a result, the air would be sucked in from the bottom of the engine and way up in the cylinder, would pass oil “.

Obviously, a gasoline engine is not made to turn ” fat “. In fact, this oil is burned generates the carbon (*) that causes worries to the engine, and, ultimately, different damage in the engine up to the case.

A technical note of June 2015 (ACTIS 10575) indicates that Renault knew

According to the testimonies collected by the UFC, the engine may not prevent at all before breaking. The signs are rather subtle. In addition, the oil consumption can reach levels that are much too high to be detected by a control same regular. In fact, consider this : the engine can consume more than 1 litre of oil to 1 000 km !

And the manufacturer seems to be aware of all of this as a technical note (as there are thousands each year at all of the manufacturers NOA) called “ACTIS 10 575 ” makes mention of this huge defect. The engines affected have been produced between October 1, 2012 and may 11, 2016. According to the estimation of the UFC what to choose, so these are 400 000 engines concerned.

The concern is that, as often, the manufacturers are reluctant to acknowledge their wrong. The UFC-que choisir therefore assigns Renault, Dacia, Nissan and Mercedes , to force them to take charge of the repairs of the vehicles and the injuries suffered. This can range from the simple modification of the calculator to increase the pressure in the intake manifold (if many changes) of the change of the segments passing through the change almost complete motor.

Worse, it seems that Renault recommends the reprogramming of the ECU since June 2015 but has not considered it useful to do a recall campaign, preferring to do it “discreetly” to each passage in a garage of the brands concerned. This could without doubt save thousands of engines.

What to do if I am concerned ?

Now, the different groups of users unhappy (understatement) of the cases and especially the support (variable) resonates with the UFC. The broth media often has an effect felt on the manufacturers who are afraid of the bad publicity. The flip side of the coin is that the phenomenon being publicized, the rating of vehicles with this engine, is a risk of falling.

If you’re concerned, the easiest way is for you to look into the UFC or the collective. They will guide you through the steps to do so. In any case, it’s going to take a bit of patience to accept the hidden defect in your vehicle. In the meantime, watch as the milk on the fire your oil level to never fall below the minimum.

Which is a shame, is that in Europe, the culture of the recall is not sufficiently established. Manufacturers rely too much on the end of the warranty period to hide the vicissitudes of their lives and be clear on the customer accusing him of poor maintenance.

The 1.2 TCe has been advantageously replaced by the 1.3 TCe has – a priori – not the same concerns, but which could suffer from the now dirty reputation of his predecessor.

Models affected by the lack of oil consumption

Renault (engine 1.2 TCe 115, 120, and 130 hp)

  • Captur
  • Clio 4
  • Kadjar
  • Kangoo 2
  • Megane 3
  • Scénic 3
  • Grand Scenic 3

Dacia (engine 1.2 TCe 115 and 125 hp)

  • Duster
  • Dokker
  • Lodgy

Mercedes (engine 1.2 115 hp)

  • Citan

Nissan (engine 1.2 DIG-T 115 hp)

  • Juke
  • Qashqai 2
  • Pulsar

(*) crust of iron oxides that is deposited in layer on the steel or iron causing a degradation of the surfaces of the latter.



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