Unusual: a Dacia Duster for Pope Francis


Jorge Mario Bergoglio was driving in an old Ford Focus before becoming Pope Francis. The Renault Group has just offered a Dacia Duster specially designed for his Holiness.


  • the Dacia Duster has been transformed by the Department of Prototypes and the team “Special Requests” of Dacia in Romania
  • The preparer Romturingia, known for its Duster pick-up has also been

Pope Francis, as well as its predecessors, has always received many gifts. Among these, cars are recurrent. This allows builders to do a bit of advertising for very little cost.

Here, it is Dacia that wants to show its know-how in the transformation of vehicles. The Duster is, of course, white color (one of the two colors of the Vatican with the yellow) with an interior in beige. The coat of arms of the papacy are installed on the front wings.

The roof is cut out to enable the Pope, for his place back, getting up and out to greet the crowd. It can take a handle that replaces the headrest of the passenger. A light-weight structure protects from the rain and no doubt a bit of wind. But, no heavy structure bullet-here. The Duster retains its 5-position and is lowered 3 inches for easier access.

The vehicle was presented to Pope Francis by Christopher Dridi, Director General of the Renault Group Romania and the Boss of Dacia, in conjunction with Xavier Martinet, Group managing Director of Renault Italy.

Our opinion, by leblogauto.com

Provide a vehicle for the Pope is the assurance of a bit of visibility. When it comes to a Lamborghini, this makes the titles even of information practitioners. Here, it is not sure that the Dacia Duster will be the one of the JT. As to what will Francis, a mystery.

In fact, it is a gift ultimately classic and the Vatican probably has as many vehicles papal offered as weeks in the year. The Lamborghini Huracan was planned from the beginning to be sold at auction, for a good work. The Dacia Duster should not follow the same path.

For all that, it should not be used officially. For ceremonies in Europe, the Pope primarily uses a Mercedes G-Class totally décapsulé and of which the rear is replaced by a single seat raised so that the crowd could see it, even sitting down. A stairway is retracted to the rear. Outside the continent, François rolls a often local as well as in September 2019 in Madagascar when he used a Karenjy.

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